• Image of Wish Friends

Let the House of NUBS Wish Friends help make your wishes come true!

Designed and handmade by artist Ally Burguieres, of Gallery Burguieres, the adorable 1.5" tall House of Nubs Wish Friends are one-of-a-kind magical pets. Simply write your wish on a piece of paper, place it into the top of your Wish Friend, and burn your wish to make your wish come true (with adult supervision, of course! Burning your wish may discolor your Wish Friend, so if you want him to keep his original color, just make your wish without burning it). Wish Birds are reusable, so keep wishing away!

100% of the proceeds will benefit NUBS, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of NUBS is to build resiliency in children by using the stories of rescued animals who are bravely giving life a second chance.

"Wish Friends" are patent pending by Gallery Burguieres (www.galleryburguieres.com)